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My Go To Chicken Salad

I try my best to prep as much food as I can each week. I like to prep easy meals that I can use for lunch, so in between clients, classes, and programming I don’t really have to think omg what should I eat today?! This is my go to chicken salad & it is […]


DF On Demand Workout Schedule

Need a little help planning out your workouts? Use this grid week to week to build out your workout schedule with our on demand workouts!


Saturday Summer Sweat Series

Join Nick, from The Althete’s Blueprint, and I for a full body strength class every Saturday in Long Beach. See the details below, where to meet us, and how to join. See you this week! WHAT: The Athlete’s Blueprint X Dynamic Fitness 60-minute Strength Class WHEN: Saturday July 25th at 830AM EST (and each Saturday […]


SweatForFree X Dianna Falzarano 45-minute Pilates Strength Donation Class

WHAT: SweatForFree X Dianna Falzarano 45-minute Pilates Strength Donation Class WHEN: Saturday June 20th at 9AM EST FOR: 100% of donations will go to National Urban League EQUIPMENT: A mat, yourself, and light weights if you have them DETAILS: This 45 minute Pilates Strength Class is FREE, but donations are encouraged. Class will incorporate classical […]


No Bake Protein, Collagen, Girl Pow!, Paleo Balls

Yes you heard that right.  These adorab(all) no bake balls are easy to make, taste like cookie dough, and they’re for a good cause! What’s better than that? When Supernatural sent me these Girl Pow! sprinkles I couldn’t wait to cook with them again!  The cookies were delicious, but I wanted to do something different with them […]


Crispy Sweet Potato Wedges

My Guilty Pleasure = Sweet Potato Fries What do I do to help that? Bake these delicious, crispy sweet potato wedges.  These wedges are a staple in my meal prep.  I use them for breakfast in my omelette, down them post workout, or pair them with chicken for dinner. When I started following a paleo (ish) lifestyle, […]


Supernatural Sprinkled Cookies

When baking gluten, dairy, and soy free cookies, it’s easy to find alternative ingredients.  You can sub in almond or coconut flour, almond milk and butters, agave, dairy free chocolate etc.  One thing that can be hard to find a healthy alternative to are sprinkles. That’s where Go Supernatural Sprinkles come in handy!  These sprinkles are an […]


Don’t Get Chicken(ed) Out

If I could eat something everyday for the rest of my life it would probably be chicken.  That might sound weird, but I love it.  Chicken is one of my main sources of protein every week.  With that being said, as much as I love it, eating chicken week after week can become a little repetitive, so I […]

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