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No Bake Protein, Collagen, Girl Pow!, Paleo Balls

Yes you heard that right.  These adorab(all) no bake balls are easy to make, taste like cookie dough, and they’re for a good cause! What’s better than that?

When Supernatural sent me these Girl Pow! sprinkles I couldn’t wait to cook with them again!  The cookies were delicious, but I wanted to do something different with them this time.  My friend Dee posted no bake balls, so I decided to make my own with my little spin on them.  I’ve been trying to reduce my intake of bars lately, so no bake balls were a perfect addition to my prep this week.

Let me tell you about the Girl Pow! sprinkles first & then let’s get to baking …

Supernatural’s new sprinkle blend is for superhero(ines)s. The non-toxic blend has fun shapes, boxing gloves, pow stars, and bright colors.  The sprinkles come in a Girl Pow! Pack, Bundle, or Bakers Bonanza.  My favorite part is that from NOW until March 29th Supernatural is donating 100% of Girl Pow! pre-order profits to Girls Who Code.  Girls Who Code is an organization providing free coding programs to 6th-12th grade girls.

Click the link HERE & get involved –> https://www.pieshell.com/projects/girlpow/

Now let’s do this! #girlpow

What You’ll Need:

– 3/4 cups coconut flour

– 2 cups cashew buter

– 1/2 cup agave

– 2 tbsp Supernatural sprinkles

– 2 scoops protein powder (I use Ancient Nutrition Vanilla Bone Broth Protein)

– 1 scoop collagen (I use Zint Nutrition)

– 1 scoop Sun Potion Yin Powder


1) Combine all of the ingredients (except the cashew butter & agave) into a bowl & mix well

2) Melt the cashew butter and agave in a small pot on low heat for about 5 minutes

3) When the mixture is cooled, mix it in with all of the dry ingredients until it forms a cookie dough texture

4) Line a pan or plate with parchment paper

5) Roll the dough into bite sized balls and evenly place them on the plate or pan

6) Top with more sprinkles, set them in the fridge and enjoy!


Chef D.

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